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Home theft prevention

  • Alarm system-have alarm system on the doors and windows of your home, so that if someone tries to break-in without your knowledge then you can be alert.
  • Lighting around the house- has a good lighting around the house; especially your entrance and exit should be well light.
  • Do not leave your things outside for prying eyes, things like TV box or bicycle should be not left outside of the home for people to watch.
  • Secure doors and windows –have all your doors and windows secured tightly so that it becomes difficult to break –in.
  • Spare key – keep your spare keys safe, do not leave them out for the prying eyes keep them at place where they are difficult for other’s to find.
  • Neighbors-having a friendly relation with your neighbor’s is also great way of protecting your house, if you are out you can ask your neighbors to keep an eye at your home.
  • Motion sensors- having motion sensors is great way of securing your home.

Protecting your things and keeping them safe and secure is the biggest challenge that every person face in today’s time, so taking precaution beforehand is better than suffering later. Always keep an eye on your surroundings’ it will help in great way.